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British Snails . Toasted Brioche . Roasted Garlic

The ethereal version of snails on toast, the brioche bun is fried in butter and cooked with Madeira white and red wines creating a most succulent flavour. A beautiful sensation of textures; the soft snail paired with the extremely delicate and gentle crunch of the brioche is utterly exquisite. This starter is an ideal remedy for the winter blues, offering an array of light, smoky and rich flavours, it warms you to your core. Pair with a glass of Gamay Les Parcelles wine for the ultimate taste sensation.

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Apple Tarte Tatin . Cider . Calvados Ice Cream

This classic apple tarte with cider and apple gel is surprisingly heart-warming even though it is topped with cool apple brandy ice cream. The gentle soft crunch of the apples leaves one with a deliciously flavoursome aftertaste. Pairs perfectly with Calvados or coffee.